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Traffic Police in Dubai Want to Deploy Google Glass

by Todd Haselton | June 17, 2014June 17, 2014 7:30 am PST


So far police departments haven’t adopted Google Glass to fight crime, at least not that we know of, but that may soon change in some parts of the world.

The Dubai Police Smart Services Department recently told Gulf News recently that it wants to deploy Google Glass into the field to help officers better perform their duties. The product will be used to “issue fines to errant motorists as well as identify wanted cars,” Gulf News explained.

There’s still a major roadblock that the police department needs to hurdle, however. Google Glass is still currently only available for sale in the United States – although that may change soon –  meaning the police department will need to come here to procure the gadget – which is still rather expensive. The department says it has already developed special applications for Google Glass. “One will allow them to take photos of traffic violations from the Glass, which will go instantly into our system, and the other application helps identify unwanted cars,” an official told Gulf News.

The department did not say when it plans to start outfitting its officers with Google’s face computer, but this is certainly one of the more unique use case scenarios we’ve heard of.

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