Sleeping Dogs HD for PS4 and Xbox One Leaked by U.K. Retailer

Sleeping Dogs

Could Sleeping Dogs be the next game to get the next-gen overhaul treatment? UK retailer Shopto has a listing, now removed, for what it calls Sleeping Dogs HD for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with a November release date.

If true, Sleeping Dogs would become Square Enix’s second game to get a Definitive Edition for a previous generation game following the successful Tomb Raider re-release. I’d be all for it since Sleeping Dogs was an excellent little sleeper hit I never got around to finishing.

Or I could just play the already amazing looking PC version, which I’m quite sure I have tucked away from a Steam sale somewhere.

The biggest problem is that Square Enix would have to fix that stupid name, because Sleeping Dogs was already in HD beforehand on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, even if it wasn’t up to standards with the PC version. That “HD” tag only works when jumping from a non-HD console like the PlayStation 2. Doesn’t quite fit here.

Regardless, looking forward to an official Square Enix announcement if this proves to be true or not. Now that both games are out, which one wins the “Dog” race, Sleeping Dogs or Watch_Dogs?

Editor’s Note: My money’s on Sleeping Dogs over Watch_Doge.



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