How YouTube’s New Music Streaming Service Could Ruin YouTube

by Jacob Kleinman | June 17, 2014


YouTube’s long-rumored music streaming service may be on the verge of launching, but according to a new report from the Financial Times its release could be bad news for anyone who enjoys listening to music on YouTube’s website. Google will reportedly block any musicians who don’t sign up with the new streaming service from appearing on YouTube at all, in a move that would mainly affect small and medium-sized independent labels.

YouTube exec Robert Kyncl appears to have confirmed the news, telling FT that YouTube Music Pass will launch later this year. He also also admitted that the company will block videos uploaded by music labels that don’t sign up for the new service. Kyncl claims YouTube has already signed contracts covering 90 percent of the industry, but the remaining ten percent includes a number of high-profile artists including Jack White, Alicia Keys and The Arctic Monkeys.

The new music streaming service, which will go up against Spotify, Beats Music, Amazon’s Prime music service and more, reportedly lets you listen to ad-free music and download songs to your device for offline use. YouTube Music Pass should begin internal testing in the next few days, meaning some of your favorite artists may be blacklisted by YouTube before the end of the week.

Of course, just because YouTube blocks an artist’s official uploads doesn’t mean you won’t be able to listen to their music on the site. Fan-made videos will keep slipping through the cracks, though it’s possible Google could begin cracking down on these as well.


Jacob Kleinman

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