Twitter Taps Bing For In-App Translations—Sorry Google

by Jacob Kleinman | June 13, 2014

twitter sign logo

Twitter’s always testing out new ideas and features in its mobile apps, but it looks like the company is rolling out an official update for both iOS and Android today with a little help from Microsoft’s search engine. Using Bing’s translation service you can now translate any tweets you come across on your iPhone or Android device.

CNET was one of the first sites to spot the update, which still won’t translate foreign tweets until you’ve clicked on them. Once you click on a post it will show up in the original language along with a translated version just below. Twitter has also updated translation for its official website, which now offers the option to use Bing translate on a specific tweet straight from your main timeline.

Today’s update comes just as the World Cup is heating up in Brazil, offering an easy way to read through foreign tweets as the entire world joins together to watch the global competition take place. Twitter is also capitalizing on the World Cup in a number of ways, including a “starter kit” to help you follow the right players and teams based on your allegiance and special flag-generating hashtags called “hashflags.”



Jacob Kleinman

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