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Facebook Messenger Adds Awesome New Feature


Facebook Messenger is definitely a fun and useful platform,  and while it was something I once thought I would never use, I’m starting to enjoy it more and more with each new feature Facebook adds. It recently added one that you’ll find in other apps, like Snapchat and even in iMessage inside of iOS 8, that allows you to record video right inside of the application.

So, instead of opening up Messenger and then attaching a video that you already recorded, you’ll find an option to record fresh content right inside of the application, similar to what’s available in Snapchat. To do it, simply tap the camera icon and then hold the “Send” button to record video -a progress bar will begin to move along the bottom of the screen showing you how long the clip is.

Is it a big enough feature to move you over to Facebook Messenger from something else? Probably not, but it’s a nicety for existing users and keeps folks inside Facebook Messenger and out of competitor’s apps, which is the end goal.

You can find the updated Facebook Messenger app in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. We’ve included links to both apps in the source below.

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Todd Haselton

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