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Don’t Starve: Giant Edition Coming to the PlayStation Vita

by Ron Duwell | June 13, 2014June 13, 2014 9:30 pm PDT


The PlayStation Vita scored yet another fan favorite indie game to its rapidly growing library. Klei Entertainment confirmed that its genre defying survival game, Don’t Starve, will be released for the Sony handheld alongside its recent Reign of the Giants expansion pack. Together, they will be available as the Don’t Starve: Giant Edition.

Any and all updates that have been added to the PC and PlayStation 4 version will also be available in this package. Don’t Starve‘s randomized “Adventure Mode,” and the multi-layered dungeons will be left totally intact for PS Vita fans to enjoy. Characters, maps, and even Vita touch screen support will give this game the added bonus options it needs to make the Vita version one of the more preferred ones out there.

With Don’t Starve now on its way to the Vita, what is the next indie game you are waiting for? Escape Goat 2 has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, but a Vita announcement has yet to be made. I’ve never played it, but from the trailer, it looks like a mind-bending “pick up and play” platformer that’s perfect for quick bursts on the go with the Vita.

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition for the PS Vita, but it has no release date confirmed yet. Keep your eyes open at E3!

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