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Cortana For Android and iOS A Real Possibility

by Jacob Kleinman | June 13, 2014June 13, 2014 6:00 pm PST


Cortana is just a a few months old, but Microsoft is already thinking about how to bring the digital personal assistant to other devices and platforms, including iPhones and Android devices. Speaking at the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle this morning, the company confirmed it’s working on scaling Cortana beyond its own mobile OS, Search Engine Land reports.

Microsoft’s digital assistant is a bit late to the game, following Apple’s Siri and Google Now, but Cortana offers a few unique features that might interest iPhone and Android phones. You can set a reminder to ask a specific contact about something and then see it pop up as a notification the next time you call them. Microsoft also focused on privacy concerns, developing a Notebook tab where you can review and edit what Cortana knows about you.

Whether Cortana could actually work on a a competing platform remains to be seen. Google Now is an impressive tool on Android, but it loses a lot of its strengths on iOS, where it’s buried inside Google’s Search app. It seems more likely we’ll see Cortana pop up on Microsoft’s other platforms first, ranging from Windows computers to the Xbox. She might even help automate your car or manage your connected home appliances in the not-too-distant future.

For now, though, you’ll have to reach for a Windows Phone to try Cortana for yourself.

Jacob Kleinman

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