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Amazon Continues Teasing 3D Smartphone

by Brandon Russell | June 13, 2014June 13, 2014 1:30 pm PDT

amazon mr pine

Amazon has a mysterious event planned for next week, though we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I mean, coupled with the rumors, it’s almost guaranteed the online retailer will finally introduce an Android phone similar to its Kindle Fire tablets (i.e. running forked software, directly tied to Amazon’s ecosystem, etc.). But this won’t be an ordinary phone, and that point is being driven home even further in Amazon’s invites for next week’s event.

In the invites, Amazon makes it a point to include a children’s book titled “Mr Pine’s Purple House.” The book essentially describes a situation in which Mr. Pine tries to differentiate his white home among the other fifty white houses on the same street he lives on. “How can I tell which house is mine?” Mr. Pine ponders. That begins to sound like the current Android landscape, does it not? Naturally, Mr. Pine does something unexpected and outside of the box by painting his home purple.

That doesn’t mean Amazon will launch a purple phone and call it a day. But we’ve heard many rumors claiming the company’s upcoming smartphone will feature some sort of 3D technology, enabling users to take advantage of a full array of gestures. The company included a short teaser with the event announcement last week, and people seemed to be blown away by the device’s capabilities. “It moved with me,” one person says. “It’s very real life, and incomparable to anything I’ve seen,” says another.

Amazon has an event scheduled for June 18, so we’ll find out what secret the company has cooking really soon. Just because a feature sounds cool doesn’t always mean people will love it, meaning Amazon will really have to impress us when the device is unveiled next week. That, of course, also brings up other questions: how much will it cost? What will it look like?

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