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New iPad Air Will Reportedly Be Much More Powerful This Fall

by Brandon Russell | June 11, 2014June 11, 2014 11:00 am PDT

When Apple launches its next iPhone(s) later this fall, the company will also reportedly unveil a more powerful iPad Air. According to ET News, the company is aiming to begin production of the device later this month, giving Apple plenty of time to have it ready for the holiday season. The design and screen resolution will reportedly stay the same, though the device is expected to sport a more powerful A8 processor, along with the possibility of a Touch ID sensor.

The report claims the advanced Apple chip will focus mainly on battery performance, rather than core architectural changes; the chip is expected to be included in both Apple’s new iPad and iPhone. With the iPhone expected to not only sport a larger screen, but a thinner body, sustaining battery life will be crucial for usability, making the new A8 chip a very important part of Apple’s future.

In addition to mentions of the new chip, the report also claims Apple has plans to upgrade the Air’s camera from a 5-megapixel sensor to an 8-megapixel sensor, making the quality comparable to the existing iPhone 5s; the front-facing camera is also expected to get a small boost to 1.5-megapixels, up from 1.2. With the new camera sensor, one would imagine the iPad Air would also get features currently available to the iPhone 5s only, such as slow-mo video, burst mode and more.

With the addition of iOS 8 later this fall, Apple is opening up Touch ID to third-party apps, so it would make sense the feature would land on the iPad lineup. Not only is Apple expected to introduce a new iPhone and iPad later this fall, but there have been rumors the company could jump into wearables with the often rumored iWatch as soon as October. Apple really impressed us at WWDC earlier this month, but it seems that was merely an appetizer of much greater things to come later this year.

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