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Citizens of Earth Hands-On Preview – Oh, Those EarthBound Roots

Atlus is set to publish a really interesting game later this year. Citizens of Earth is an overhead-ish classic RPG coming out for pretty much every system under the sun. It’s being developed by Eden Industries and hitting the PlayStation 4 (which is what I played it on), Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC.

Folks, it stinks of EarthBound. That’s a compliment, of course. Citizens of Earth, from the art style, the perspective and the way combat unfolds, has very obviously been inspired by one of Nintendo’s greatest aging RPGs. EarthBound has an unbelievable fan following, and I guarantee they’re at least intrigued by Citizens of Earth based on its obvious inspiration alone.

From what I played at E3, I’d say that intrigue should turn into investigation. Eden Industries will drop the demo down the line, so you’ll be able to check it out. What I saw was a 20-ish minute slice of what the campaign had to offer.

You play the Vice President of the United States, a lazy slouch of a leader. You move about the town recruiting characters to join your party. There are over 30 potential recruits, each with their own set of moves directly connected to their personas.

You recruit your mom, for instance, and she’s a healer with her motherly love, and the damage she deals is done through the “Nag” move.

Citizens of Earth

Turns out, there isn’t a single “NPC” in this game. Every character is recruitable, unless they’re a bad guy, and that means everyone you meet can be added to your team. Doing so might require simply talking to them. In my demo, however, some characters required me to go down a path of quests in order to get them to join my ranks.

Thus is the charm of Citizens of Earth. The Vice President doesn’t fight, so you’ll need to recruit as many different people as you can in order to take down enemies efficiently or hilariously. You’ll be doing both.

This interesting little RPG officially has my attention. It might just be a simple foray into the genre, but that’s what made its inspiration so special. EarthBound isn’t the most complicated RPG ever made, but its personality makes it amazing. Citizens of Earth, so far, is brimming with personality too.

We’ll have more on this game as it comes. Stay tuned.

Joey Davidson

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