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T-Mobile Opens Program to Refund Customers for Premium SMS Charges

by Brandon Russell | June 10, 2014June 10, 2014 8:00 pm PDT


T-Mobile on Tuesday announced a new customer refund program related to premium SMS charges, just as the carrier promised. In a release, T-Mobile said it is committed to rectifying older charges incurred by unwanted SMS services, and will open up a new refund program starting this July. Customers have been able to request refunds before—this program is simply meant to proactively address outstanding issues.

“If you’ve been charged for a third-party service you didn’t sign up for, it should be easy to get a refund,” said Mike Sievert, CMO for T-Mobile. “If customers were charged for services they didn’t want, we’ll make it right.”

SMS services typically provide customers with text alerts on topics of interest, such as weather and sports scores. But in the age of smartphones, those services have essentially been rendered useless thanks to apps and having such easy access to the Web. Not to mention most smartphone owners today likely communicate through services that use data, not SMS.

Late last year, AT&T and Sprint also pledged to help put a stop to “problematic” SMS services.

Note: Updated on 06/11 for clarification.


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