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HTC One M9 Prime Expected To Hit Q1 2015, Followed By Regular M9

by Brandon Russell | June 10, 2014June 10, 2014 2:00 pm PDT

HTC One M8 - Review - Hero - 006

Development on the HTC One (M8) Prime seems to be on an indefinite hiatus, according to a recent report. But don’t despair; HTC is hard at work at successors—yes, plural—to accompany the existing M8, with plans to launch its next flagship during Q1 2015. According to Evleaks, HTC will launch its M9 and M9 Prime devices as the “next full refreshes to the One Mx family,” though, inexplicably, the Prime version is expected to launch first.

With smartphones advancing at such a mind-bending clip, it appears handset makers might adopt a new approach when releasing high-end devices. If we take these rumors to be true, HTC might start a trend by unleashing a superphone-type device, with the highest end possible specs for the nerdiest of fans, and then release a “normal” flagship for the average consumer.

Right now companies like to release a flagship, and then follow that up with a mid-range device with watered down specs. This newest approach could essentially replace the flagship with a Prime iteration, and the mid-range with your typical flagship—do you follow?—which has been a preferred approach over the past few years. Aside from that, it’ll also give customers the opportunity to own the latest and greatest without feeling remorse when something new comes out.

We were really looking forward to what the M8 Prime was shaping into, but development was put on hold for unknown reasons. We’re already plenty happy with the existing M8, though we were starting to warm up to the idea of an even more advanced version. We’ll keep our eyes out for anymore M8 Prime, M9 and M9 Prime information. For now, why not check out the most recent superphone to grace our presence?


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