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Amazon Offers $50 Store Credit With Select Sonos Speakers

by Jacob Kleinman | June 10, 2014June 10, 2014 6:00 pm PST

Scrambling for a last-minute Father’s Day present? Amazon has your back. The online retailer is offering $50 in store credit when you order a new wireless Sonos speaker.

Amazon’s offer doesn’t cover the full Sonos lineup, but you still have some solid options. On the more expensive end you can pick up a large PLAY:5 speaker for $399, or you can opt for the slightly cheaper PLAY:3 starting at $299. Either option will function as a decent stand-alone wireless speaker or make a great contribution to your dad’s growing Sonos collection.

As a bonus you can spend that extra $50 on something for yourself or throw in a second bonus Father’s Day present. Of course, if you want to grab the new speaker for yourself instead Amazon won’t care. To take advantage of the deal just click on the Amazon button below.

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Jacob Kleinman

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