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The Division Shows Off its Postapocalyptic World

by Eric Frederiksen | June 9, 2014June 9, 2014 4:13 pm PDT

After debuting some gameplay this morning at Microsoft’s E3 conference, Ubisoft used their own time to pull us a bit further into the story of The Division.

Usually when we play an apocalyptic game, we’re coming in way after the apocalypse has occurred – Fallout, The Last of Us – you know the drill. With The Division, however, we’re joining the fray as things are happening.

Ubisoft’s story trailer highlights this, showing the way homes change after a world-altering event occurs and how lives are affected.

Epidemic viruses usually aren’t fun, and the one in The Division is no different. It’s hard to tell right now much of a role the story will play in the game considering its strong multiplayer focus, but Ubisoft is doing a good job so far of setting the mood.

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Eric Frederiksen

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