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Guess the Device: The End of A Handheld Era

by Brandon Russell | June 7, 2014June 7, 2014 12:00 pm PST

Show this to anyone and they’ll instantly recognize it; it’s one of those device that’s become fully entrenched in the tech ethos. A bit ahead of its time, a bit awkward, and never quite as ubiquitous as other competing handhelds, this device was a powerful machine that presented plenty of great ideas—but its day finally came, and it makes sense from a business perspective. But it’s a sad day indeed.

If you follow the news, you know exactly what device I’m talking about. We just happened to have one lying around. And, hey, a pretty big conference is taking place next week, so why not? I know you’ll all say how easy this one was to guess—and that’s ok. I’ve got plenty more stuff in the pipeline that’ll be much more difficult. (Actually, you guys will probably instantly guess it like you always do.)

It’s actually been exactly a year since we started Guess the Phone, so I guess a celebration is in order? Thanks for sticking with it this long, and thanks for humoring us when some of the devices are much easier to guess than others. I mean, a 2DS? That’s easy! But I enjoy exploring these gadgets more deeply, and am very glad you guys do, too. It’s fun to look back at where the industry has been, and how these devices have shaped where we are today.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Samsung DoubleTime. What a crazy name.

Brandon Russell

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