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Google Hangouts Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun


Google is improving its Hangouts for Chrome plug-in with yet another new feature. Now, instead of only being able to send emoji, text messages and pictures to your friends, you can also show off a bit of your creative side. The Chrome extension now allows you to send sketches right inside each message, complete with a full-fledged standalone sketch window.

All you have to do is install the latest version of Hangouts – you may have to uninstall the current build and re-download it for the feature to work – and then just choose the pencil option that appears next to the camera icon in Hangouts. The plug-in will launch a “Sketch a message!” Window that lets you create a custom sketch. You can choose the color of the ink, draw on top of a picture and more, and then simply send it off inside of a Hangouts message.

It only works from one Hangouts user to another, however. I tried sending a photo to one of our staff members using Jabber in Apple Messages, and he didn’t have permission to use it. Otherwise it’s a neat new feature worth checking out. Here’s my sample:


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