Dropbox Acquires Messaging Startup Droptalk, Aims To Kill “Work Email”

by Brandon Russell | June 5, 2014

Dropbox on Thursday announced the acquisition of small startup Droptalk, a company that allows users to privately share links through a chat client. Droptalk doesn’t currently offer a commercially available product, though the company was working on a Chrome extension, with plans to eventually develop iOS and Android apps. With Dropbox’s resources now at Droptalk’s disposal—yeah, the names will probably get confusing—we’ll likely see something released sooner rather than later.

Built by ex-Facebook and LinkedIn engineers, Droptalk is described as an application that not only changes how people message, “but how they actually get work done across their devices.” Some of the functionality seems reminiscent of something like Google Drive; when you or someone else edits a document, you’ll be able to see the updated version and go directly to it (or link to it) in the cloud.

With Droptalk now in the equation, Dropbox could become more of a collaborative tool for businesses in addition to a personal storage locker. Droptalk said that with the acquisition, it will no longer accept beta signups, though one would imagine that some form of integration will hit Dropbox relatively soon.


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