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iMac With Retina Display References Found in OS X Yosemite

by Brandon Russell | June 4, 2014June 4, 2014 3:00 pm PDT

iMac 2013 - Hero Product Shot

Those Retina-equipped iMacs everyone’s been expecting have yet to show up, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. According to the early beta version of OS X Yosemite, settings discovered inside the update suggest a high resolution 27-inch iMac is incoming—but when? We’re not sure; Retina iMacs has been one of those long-standing Apple rumors that just won’t seem to go away, so it could be soon, it could be never.

Via Macrumors:

The file includes a series of scaling resolution options for this machine, maxing out at 6400 x 3600 pixels, or 3200 x 1800 as a Retina display. The display itself would carry a somewhat lower native resolution, perhaps 5120 x 2880 to simply pixel double the current 27-inch iMac, but as with the Retina MacBook Pro higher resolutions are specified and generated by the machine before being scaled back down.

If true, we might catch a glimpse at a sharper iMac sometime this fall—maybe even coinciding with that cheaper iMac we’ve been hearing about. As far back as 2012, reports suggested Apple was working on bringing higher resolutions to its all-in-one, so the company has obviously been at work on it for a while now. There’s also speculation Apple is working to Retina-ify the MacBook Air, bestowing pretty much all of the company’s gadgets with Retina power.

With references showing up in OS X Yosemite, chances are we won’t see anything announced until the final consumer version is released later this fall. Until then, we’ll rely on developers to dig up Apple’s hidden secrets


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