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Amazon to Host Surprise Launch Event on June 18 – Amazon Phone Coming?

by Todd Haselton | June 4, 2014June 4, 2014 1:12 pm PDT


Amazon will host a surprise launch event on June 18 in Seattle. The company made the announcement on its website where, oddly, it appears that anyone can request an invitation to the event, provided you have an Amazon account. Not everyone is guaranteed entrance, of course. So what’s in store?

We’ve heard plenty of rumors that Amazon is developing its own smartphone, and the site has an image of an unknown product that certainly looks like one. This also seems like the right timing for the device, which has long been rumored to make its debut this summer. Not too long ago we saw the first alleged pictures of the phone, which likely has a forked version of Android catered to Amazon’s ecosystem of apps, music, movies and more, just like the Kindle Fire tablets.

Additionally, rumors have suggested that Amazon will outfit the device with several cameras and a 3D display, which will enable users to take advantage of gesture controls instead of touching the phone. The 3D display could allow you, for example, to rotate a model of a product you’re planning to purchase from the Amazon store before you actually hit the “buy” button.

The gesture controls and 3D display seem more than likely, especially given a video posted on Amazon’s site that shows people reacting to an unknown device. “It moved with me,” one woman says. “It’s very real life and uncomparable to anything I’ve seen,” another says. “That pretty damn intuitive,” a man in the video adds.

Coincidentally (or not?) T-Mobile is holding its UnCarrier 5.0 event on the same day, but at a different location down in Los Angeles. Is it possible the two are tied in some way? We don’t know yet. Here’s the Amazon video of folks enjoying the unknown Amazon product:


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