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OS X Yosemite Has Awesome iPhone Video Capture Feature

by Brandon Russell | June 3, 2014June 3, 2014 1:00 pm PDT

iOS 8 screen capture

There are a lot of cool features coming to OS X Yosemite, and with an early beta already available, developers are poking and prodding their way around the new build. As suspected, there are some features being discovered that Apple failed to mention during its keynote presentation on Monday, including the ability to record your iPhone or iPad’s screen right from your Mac.

9to5Mac discovered that once you plug in an iOS 8 device to a Mac running Yosemite, your device will show up as a standard camera input. That gives you the opportunity to easily capture what’s taking place on your iPhone, making it super simple to record demos and the like. Before it took plenty of know-how and jailbreaking wizardry to record your device’s screen, but now Apple makes it super simple.

The feature is mostly catered to developers, but for folks like us, who regularly record smartphone screens in hands-on videos, it could be a great tool for b-roll footage. As of now, the feature is reportedly quite laggy, so don’t expect it to be up to snuff just yet—that’ll no doubt improve as the software progresses toward a final consumer release this fall. But, for now, know that the feature is coming.


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