Moto Stream Easily Sends Music From Your Device To Your Stereo

by Brandon Russell | June 3, 2014

Motorola on Tuesday announced a new wireless Bluetooth adapter that hooks right into your existing stereo, catering directly to the music streaming crowd. The $50 adapter is capable of connecting up to five different devices, and can connect to any smartphone, tablet or computer. Subscribe to Google Play All Access? With Motorola’s Moto Stream, you can easily tap into your stereo system and stream your favorite music. The little gadget is perfect for parties, or just simply when you want to listen to music and relax.

Motorola says Moto Stream has up to 300 feet of roam range, so you’ll basically be covered from anywhere in your home unless you have a presidential mansion. The design reminds me almost of a Simon Says geode—not the most attractive thing we’ve ever seen, but simple, and small. Motorola has included a “Heist Mode,” which allows any of the five connected devices to “heist” a song, which basically means you can play a new track if you don’t like what Roy chose. Moto Stream is universal, and will work with any existing speaker setup, meaning you don’t have to buy an all new setup.

Moto Stream is available now through the company’s site for $49.99, and will be available at RadioShack starting June 6.



Brandon Russell

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