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Mighty No. 9 Gameplay Footage is Not Afraid to Show its Roots

Keiji Inafune and his indie company Comcept aren’t at all shy about the fact that its newest game, Mighty No. 9, is inspired by the iconic game series Mega Man. They even used this fact to pitch the game to crowd-funders on Kickstarter and managed to raise nearly $4 million because of it.

We’ve seen footage before, but nothing quite this complete. The protagonist, Beck, battles enemy robots with yellow projectiles, bounds through platforms and environmental hazards, and he even enters a boss arena through a retractable gate. The only thing stopping him from being a total rip-off is a loyal robot K9 companion.

Do I see an idea for a sequel in there? Give me a call, Comcept. We’ll talk.

If you weren’t sold on Mighty No.9 being a clone… I mean, “spiritual successor” of Mega Man, then there is no convincing you after this one. Still, it’s not like the formula was being actively used by other gaming companies, so maybe Comcept is going to be able to get away with stepping on the creative toes of others. I’m sure Mega Man‘s creators must be fuming  at these copy cats right about now!

How about it? Who would win in a fight? Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune or Mighty N0. 9 creator Keiji Inafune?

Mighty No. 9 will be released next April for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox 30, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo 3DS. Basically, if you own any kind of electronic, you’ll be able to play it. It’s only a matter of time until you can play it on a TI calculator.


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