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Armored Warfare is Still Chugging Along and Blowing Up Everything

by Ron Duwell | June 1, 2014June 1, 2014 6:00 am PST

Obsidian Entertainment and’s free-to-play tank MMO, Armored Warfare, is still turning heads as one of the best looking free-to-play games out there. Not only does it sport the CryEngine 3 to power the excellent graphics, but it has gotten a serious dose of destruction as shown in the most recent Shattered World¬†trailer.

Fences, farmhouses, entire towns. Nothing is safe or sacred in Armored Warfare. Everything can and will be destroyed in the game, be it by means of cannon fire or simply ramming your iron hulk into it. If the tank’s weight and momentum is not enough, then you can blast an airplane out of the sky to get the job done for you, as seen in the trailer.

Your tanks, and other vehicles as well, are fully customizable and can even upgrade after extensive use, similarly to the RPG leveling system found in most MMO style games.

I have no idea what to make of Armored Warfare other than it just looks like drop dead silly and righteously fun. It’s a far cry from the complex RPGs and deep narratives we typically see from Obsidian Entertainment, but I can overlook that if this latest venture provides all the thrills and laughs that this over-the-top trailer promises.

If Armored Warfare is a success, maybe Obsidian and Bandai Namco should get in touch to collaborate on another Ace Combat game. The two titles have a lot in common thanks to dancing the boundary between arcade action and actual simulation, and Obsidian’s morally grey storytelling is a perfect match for the war torn world that Ace Combat‘s events unfold in.

Just a fan’s off-the-cuff idea, though. Pay it no mind.¬†The game will be available on PCs, but no release date has been announced. We’ll keep an eye out for you.


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