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Supplier Activity Suggests Surface Mini Still In the Works

by Todd Haselton | May 31, 2014May 31, 2014 9:00 am PST

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 10

I want to believe the Surface Mini will one day launch, and a new report today from CNET gives me new hope. As a bit of background, Microsoft was largely expected to unveil a smaller 7-inch or 8-inch Surface tablet during its New York City press event on May 20. Right up until the night before it was pretty much a given announcement as far as we were concerned. Of course, the event came and all we saw was the Surface Pro 3. News shortly followed that Microsoft had cancelled the pending launch just days before.

Today, however IHS Technology research analyst Rhoda Alexander, who spoke with CNET, said there’s still enough activity in Microsoft’s supply chain to suggest the Surface Mini is alive and well somewhere. “From the supply side of it, we continue to see activity from them on the [smaller] Surface product,” Alexander told CNET. There’s a big caveat, though. Alexander said that there’s still no sign Microsoft has plans to actually launch the tablet in the near future. “That’s somewhere we’re watching for later this year,” she said.

Microsoft may still be working to procure parts for the smaller Surface Mini while also waiting for others – like faster processors or other components that it decided to swap out at the last minute. CNET notes that Alexander accurately predicted Microsoft’s plans to launch a larger 12-inch Surface Pro 3 device, so this isn’t simple guesswork.


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