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Jump Start Your RPG Maker Career With This Week’s Humble Bundle

by Ron Duwell | May 30, 2014May 30, 2014 5:30 pm PST

RPG Maker XP

I had been doing a great job ignoring Humble Bundles as of late, but this is one I simply couldn’t pass up. On this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle, you have the chance to snag the vastly popular RPG development tools, RPG Maker VX Ace and RPG Maker XP, for the lowest price you will ever find them: your price.

Together, you can pick up these two powerful RPG development tools for as low as $6 if you choose, or you can snag just the weaker of the two, RPG Maker VX Ace, for just $1! But why stop there?

For $12, you can pick up the entire bundle which includes extra tools for aiding in development of characters and animations, extra elements and materials to use in your games, and a handful of well received games that have been created using the software for inspiration. This long list of games includes the seminal To The Moon, one of the most beautiful and heart wrenching indie games of the last 10 years.

How much would all of this software usually go for? Try a whopping $370, all of which can be picked up for a mere $12 if you choose.

I have never used either of these programs, but I definitely sunk a lot of time into RPG Maker 2000 back when it was unofficially translated for English audiences, and I had a blast with it even if I never made anything worthwhile. I doubt I have the time in my busy schedule to get into game development, let alone RPG development, but it’s certainly a dream of just about every SNES and PlayStation JRPG nerd of my generation.

You can have that dream for just $12 if you act fast.

Humble Bundle

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