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HTC One Wear Will Supposedly Be HTC’s Smartwatch

by Brandon Russell | May 30, 2014May 30, 2014 11:30 am PST

HTC is reportedly working on a circular smartwatch similar in execution to the Moto 360, with a rounded watch face keeping in line with traditional timepieces. TKTechNews reportedly got hands on time with a demo unit, tentatively titled One Wear, that’s set to launch between August and September—about the time other big Android Wear devices are set to launch. When it hits, HTC will supposedly offer both polycarbonate and metallic options, a bit like it’s doing with its existing M8 smartphone lineup.

A few screen caps from the prototype device were taken, which you can glimpse above. Even though the One Wear is said to be circular, these screenshots are in fact square; this is a prototype, however, but bear that in mind. There’s really not all that much to discern from the images; the layout looks pretty basic, with notebook, music and camera icons residing on one of the home screens. The lead image, meanwhile, is supposedly just for marketing purposes, and not indicative of the final design.

There will be some big players in the Android Wear market later this year, including Motorola, LG and now HTC. In the smartphone market, HTC has proved it is more than capable of creating both beautiful hardware and very usable software, but translating that over to a much smaller watch form factor is another matter entirely. With prototype models kicking around overseas, hopefully we’ll catch wind of more information soon.

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