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PS Plus Instant Collection Games Only Available for One Month Starting in July

by Joey Davidson | May 29, 2014May 29, 2014 5:00 pm PST

PlayStation Plus

One of the slightest complaints I have about the PS Plus service, and I hardly even consider it much of a complaint, is that knowing when games will be available and when they’ll expire is always kind of a toss up.

Games come and go, seemingly, on a whim. With three platforms running the Instant Game Collection and games popping up and disappearing on a weekly basis, it’s almost tough to keep up. Like I said, minor complaint. It’s not hard to just sign in and snag the games. Just… I don’t know… annoying?

Starting in July, though, Sony’s making things much simpler. Instant Game Collection games will all show up on the first Tuesday of the month, every month, from July on out. No more weekly arrivals. It all happens at once.

The bad news? The games will only be available for a single month. They will go away once the next month’s titles roll out on the following first Tuesday.

Know what that means? All of the Instant Game Collection titles available right now and after the June updates? Those will vanish with the July update. So, move quickly, nab the games.

You can grab the games on the PlayStation Store online, too. Just add them to your cart and “purchase” them. There’s no need to download the titles until you are ready to play. So get them while they’re free.

With this monthly release and removal move, Sony’s Instant Game Collection becomes much more like Games With Gold. Any thoughts on that?

Joey Davidson

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