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More Mortal Kombat? New Poster Suggests Fighting Series to Return

by Ron Duwell | May 29, 2014May 29, 2014 9:30 pm PST

Mortal Kombat (2)

A new Mortal Kombat game could be in the works if were are to take the word of a leaked poster discovered by eagle eyed gamers. The poster shows that of a broken spine, the classic Mortal Kombat logo, and the question “Who’s next?” emblazoned along the bottom.

MK Co-Creator Ed Boon would later update his Twitter profile image to match the question, but hasn’t confirmed or spoken of any new game yet. As with most of these “accidental” leaks, the people behind the projects seem more than happy to just sit back and let us speculate at the meaning.

Here’s my speculation: Expect to see Mortal Kombat revealed at E3 in the coming weeks. And Keifer Sutherland is going to be in it, hopefully bringing more energy to the game than his sleepy performance in Ground Zeroes.

And why not? The previous game in the series is the best rated since the heyday of the arcade and SEGA Genesis days. Ed Boon and friends are going to want to capitalize on this forward momentum as quickly and brilliantly as it possibly can. Injustice: Gods Among Us was also able to find a sizable following, so the best days of NetherRealm Studios are clearly in front of it.

The fighting game genre is one of the last that Japan has a stranglehold on, but other than with Killer Instinct, no Western series demands the same level of attention that Mortal Kombat gets.

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