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LG G Watch: This Video Offers the Best Look at it Yet

by Brandon Russell | May 29, 2014May 29, 2014 3:00 pm PST

We know the LG G Watch is coming, and we know it’ll run Google’s exciting new Android Wear platform. What we don’t know is what the final hardware/software will look like when all is said and done. A new hands-on video of the G Watch cropped up on Thursday, giving us an early glimpse of what to expect when the wearable launches later this year.

The video, which is in German, focuses mainly on the squarish hardware, but we also get some brief glimpses at the beta software, including looks at some settings, a battery indicator, and what the “home screen” might look like. The software running on this particular G Watch is supposedly in the very early stages of development, meaning it doesn’t indicate the final experience. But it is up and running; it’s allegedly much farther along than the video demonstrates.

As the video shows, swiping down from the top will display relevant information, such as the date and the watch’s remaining battery life. Tapping on the slashed out phone icon in the top right seems to execute a quick way to jump into settings, though it’s tough to say given the software is in German. Our look at the software is pretty limited in the above video, though we can kind of get an idea of how things will run on such a small display.

Google’s Android Wear promises to be a huge step in the wearables market, and might finally make these limited notification peddlers into actual smart devices. The G Watch is just a small part of that equation; there’s also the Moto 360, which for our money is the more attractive device. In any case, we’re expecting to see these new wearables sometime over the summer, likely at Google’s I/O toward the end of June.

Brandon Russell

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