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T-Mobile Holding Uncarrier 5.0 Event On June 18

by Brandon Russell | May 28, 2014May 28, 2014 2:06 pm PST

John Legere

T-Mobile’s next big step toward mobile enlightenment will take place at an event in Los Angeles on June 18. The carrier on Wednesday began sending out press invites for an “Uncarrier 5.0” presentation with a catch phrase saying Legere and his followers “don’t play it safe and sound.” Whatever that means. Something about taking risks and once again shaking up the wireless industry.

Legere has been on a mission to put his stamp on the mobile industry for the past few years, doing things such as eliminating contracts and buying out early termination fees. Despite Legere’s feral approach—and cavalier behavior—T-Mobile has crawled back into the mobile conversation as one of the best operating carriers. If anything, the carrier’s moves have lead to some big responses from rivals such as AT&T and Verizon, ultimately making the landscape better for consumers.

Despite adding over two million customers last quarter, T-Mobile did post a loss, though the company says it’s looking at the long-term with its Uncarrier initiative. Lately, T-Mobile has been in the news because of a rumored Sprint buyout, though we haven’t heard much about a possible acquisition since last month. The rumors did say, however, that a deal would be made as soon as June, so maybe that’s still on the table.

In the last few months T-Mobile has offered LTE-enabled tablets at Wi-Fi prices, eliminated overage charges on Legacy Plans, and introduced a $40/month Simple Starter Plan. Given the carrier’s unpredictable history, we’re likely in for a treat come June 18.


Brandon Russell

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