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iWatch to Feature Round Display and Come in Multiple Sizes, Analyst Says

by Jacob Kleinman | May 28, 2014May 28, 2014 7:30 am PST

iwatch concept design

The iWatch is still just a rumor, but according to one analyst Apple is already developing multiple size options for what will apparently be a round-faced smartwatch. Speaking to Business InsiderRosenblatt Securities’ Brian Blair reveals what he learned after visiting his supply chain sources during a recent trip to Taiwan.

Apple’s rumored smartwatch will apparently feature a round display similar to the upcoming Moto 360. Unlike Motorola’s first Android Wear device, however, the iWatch will reportedly sport a “slimmer profile.” It’s unclear exactly how Apple will slim down its smartwatch, though recent reports suggest the company could jam extra sensors into its main processor to cut back on any extra chips.

Blair also reports that Apple will release two versions of the iWatch this year, likely targeting men and women separately with larger and smaller models. If this rumor is true it could help Cupertino appeal to a broader market, unlike previous smartwatch models that only come in one size and are generally too bulky for anyone with a smaller wrist. He also predicts Apple will produce 18-21 million units ahead of an official iWatch launch earlier this year.

We’re still not entirely convinced the iWatch will ever happen, but if Blair is right it sounds like Apple may be on the right track. We definitely prefer a round display to a square screen, and offering multiple size options should help appeal to more than just the first wave of tech enthusiasts. Hopefully Apple announces the device sometime this fall, though we won’t know anything for sure until Tim Cook shows up onstage iWatch in hand.

Jacob Kleinman

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