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Yahoo’s YouTube Clone Launching Later This Summer, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | May 27, 2014May 27, 2014 2:30 pm PST


Yahoo’s much talked about YouTube competitor will apparently launch this summer, according to Ad Age. Contract setbacks have supposedly delayed the service’s launch, which will offer an exclusive platform to popular online stars; Yahoo is reportedly working to lure some of YouTube’s biggest celebrities away with the promise of better ad-revenue deals. No word on who those stars may be, and it’s also unclear how Yahoo will differentiate its platform beyond just a simple YouTube clone.

When Yahoo’s platform does launch, it’ll reportedly give content creators a similar dashboard setup to what’s available through YouTube. The difference, however, will be Yahoo’s ability to distribute these videos across the online emporium’s many properties, including its home page and even Tumblr. Yahoo is trying to lure YouTube’s brightest stars with the promise to give them a larger cut of the ad-revenue; YouTube currently offers a standard 45-percent cut, CNET noted.

Yahoo has yet to comment on its supposed YouTube competitor, and plans likely won’t be announced until it secures the right deals. YouTube is currently the number three visited site in the world, according to Alexa rankings, putting Yahoo against some truly insurmountable odds. However, if Yahoo does tie up some of YouTube’s most powerful content creators, it could potentially lead to a mini exodus if indeed Yahoo does offer better deals.


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