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Rosewood Moto X Appears on Moto Maker Website

by Jacob Kleinman | May 27, 2014May 27, 2014 9:30 am PST

The Moto X is now available with real wood Rosewater backing on the Moto Maker website. Unfortunately, that means the walnut option is now off the table, though there are still tons of different choices and customizations available when you design your own Motorola smartphone.

Like every other Moto X variant, this Rosewood model costs $349.99 off-contract when you order it directly from Motorola, and the Moto Maker site notes all orders should arrive within a week after you finalize your order. The device is also available for free when you order it with a 2-year contract from Sprint, AT&T or Verizon.

We’re big fans of the Moto X. Motorola’s flagship phone topped our list of the best phones of 2013, and almost six months later it’s still a great device. Then again, the Lenovo-owned company is expected to announce a follow-up Moto X+1 sometime this summer. It may be worth holding off to see what Motorola’s next smartphone has to offer.

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Jacob Kleinman

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