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Approximately Half of PlayStation 4 Owners Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

by Ron Duwell | May 27, 2014May 27, 2014 6:30 pm PST

PlayStation Plus

Maybe it’s because Sony made it a requirement to play multiplayer video games, or maybe it’s because you get free stuff every week, but this PlayStation Plus subscription plan has quite a high attachment rate.┬áSony’s Kaz Hirai has stated at an investor meeting that “approximately half” of PlayStation 4 owners are now subscribing to the service.

With seven million PlayStation 4s now sold, that would make roughly 3.5 million PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4 alone. The report does not go into detail about PS Vita and PlayStation 3 subscribers, which is bound to be a larger number.

No, the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have the most free content yet, but give it some time for the PlayStation 3 to go out of style. Then those hours of waiting will pay themselves off with hours of free video games.

Hirai also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 is already profitable from the hardware alone, and that he was confident Sony would be seeing better profits from even the days of the PlayStation 2, history’s most epic video game console to date.

Cheap hardware that sold 155 million units around the world? It doesn’t get more profitable than that, meaning the PlayStation 4 has some big shoes to fill. No doubt it will be living up to expectations once that PlayStation Plus attachment rate climbs.

Do you have PlayStation Plus yet? I am in love with my subscription, and I frequently need it for my gaming addiction on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Once I come around to getting a PlayStation 4, chances are I’m going to hold onto it.


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