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Samsung Smartwatch Phone is Really Coming, Report Says

Samsung Galaxy Gear-Metal Screws

Samsung’s next wearable device may not need to sync to your smartphone to receive notifications or make calls. A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims the company is preparing to release a SIM-enabled smartwatch, backing up earlier rumors that Samsung might launch a Gear Solo device in the next few months.

Citing the usual anonymous insiders, WSJ claims the upcoming “watch-phone” will be able to make and receive calls without connecting to another mobile device like the current Gear lineup. It will also offer, GPS, Bluetooth, email and pack a heart rate monitor. The device will likely run a version of Samsung’s in-house Tizen OS, which also powers the current crop of Gear models.

If Samsung really does release a SIM-enabled smartwatch it could help distinguish the Gear lineup in an increasingly crowded market. Google has already announced its own Android Wear platform and Apple is expected to announce the long-rumored iWatch later this year, but neither is likely to offer a stand-alone experience.

Then again, we’re not sure why anyone would want to replace their smartphone with a tiny screen that wraps around your wrist, especially if it’s going to require its own phone line and data connection. If Samsung really does go through with the Gear Solo it should be interesting to see how the company tries to market its new watch-phone.


Jacob Kleinman

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