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Netflix Allegedly Prepping Wet Hot American Summer TV Series

by Brandon Russell | May 23, 2014May 23, 2014 8:00 pm PST

Wet Hot American Summer

Despite being critically panned, 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer has gained a healthy cult following, and is regarded as a kind of time capsule for many of the actors we know and love today. Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, and many other comedy legends featured in the movie, culminating in a raunchy, misunderstood and entirely underrated film. It seems Netflix sees the merit in the film’s cult status, and want to create a 10-episode prequel that could even reunite the cast from 2001.

Although things are apparently in negotiations, the prequel is said to focus on the main characters in high school, and how they all became counselors at Camp Firewood. That in and of itself should be interesting because many of the actors today are in their 40s though, that said, many of them don’t look like they’ve aged a day. Similar to the approach Netflix took with Arrested Development, Netflix is hoping to have each star from the movie film their scenes individually and in just a few days.

Nothing has been made official, though the news should be plenty to spark interest, especially since the cast is so well-known today—I’m sure there will be many reports around the Internet like ours excited about it the potential resurrection. In addition to the new comedy show, Netflix is also reportedly prepping a royal drama series inspired by Play The Audience. That, too, is just in the planning stages, but more news will likely come out in the next days and weeks.


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