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Meet the Survivors from the Japanese Arcade Game, Left 4 Dead: Survivors

by Ron Duwell | May 23, 2014May 23, 2014 5:30 pm PST

Left 4 Dead Survivors

Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis from Left 4 Dead. Four characters we’ve come to know and love after countless sorties of blowing through mindless zombies. Then, Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle, four more characters from Left 4 Dead 2 we’ve come to know and love after countless sorties of blowing through mindless zombies.

To date, I say that the Left 4 Dead franchise has done a great job creating characters we can empathize with during their struggles against the zombie horde.

If you are wondering though what survivors would be created if Valve’s excellent co-op zombie shooting game was left in the hands of one of Japan’s most iconic arcade companies, then wonder no longer. You’ve come to the right place. Taito is developing the Japanese arcade game Left 4 Dead: Survivors, and these are the characters you’ll be controlling in yet another campaign across the zombie ravaged America.

It’s a multi-cultural extravaganza this time around with two characters originating from Japan and two more coming from the good old US of A. Kudo Yusuke represents the typical Japanese tough-guy demographic, and he was studying in America during the outbreak as a university student. Slightly younger than he is Japanese school girl, sailor suit and all, Haruka Hirose, who was also on study abroad.

Seriously, what is a Japanese arcade game without a high school girl?

Joining them on the quest to survive is American bartender Blake Jordan and tour guide Kirishima Sara, the latter is possible of half-Japanese decent and was traveling with students as the outbreak occurred. High school girls, tough guys, and stereotypical Americans? How much more cliche of a Japanese arcade game can this be?

Besides our heroes, all we have seen so far of Left 4 Dead: Survivors is a single gameplay video. No release date has been confirmed for Japan, and no localization attempts have been confirmed either. Rest assured I will hunt this machine down and let you know what I think once it appears in the entangled wild of the Japanese arcade scene though.


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