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Medium Launches For iPad

by Jacob Kleinman | May 23, 2014May 23, 2014 5:15 pm PST

Earlier this year popular blogging website Medium launched its official iPhone app, offering users the opportunity to read and browse the site on the go. Ev Williams, who helped launch Twitter before founding Medium, said it took about six months to craft the perfect app, so it’s no surprise that it took another two months two roll out an updated version for the iPad.

You still can’t publish to Medium using the iOS app, but you’ll get a quicker and more intuitive touch experience than you get from any browser application. You can also swipe to the side to jump to a new story or tap on the screen to quickly share a post. Starting today, the Medium app also features a stream of posts from writers you follow, and lets you add a quick note to pass along with any stories you choose to share.

Today’s update is great news for iPad owners since Apple’s tablets are popular for reading on the go. The two new features added to Medium on iOS should also improve the experience overall, so if you already tried the app out on your iPhone back in March it might be worth giving it a second shot.

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Jacob Kleinman

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