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Lumia “Living Moments” Ad is a Mesmerizing Look at New York

by Brandon Russell | May 23, 2014May 23, 2014 9:00 pm PST

Nokia recently released a dizzying new ad that manages to refrain from mentioning a single product; the only information you can find is in the About section on its YouTube page. And, yet, it manages to say more than many of the mobile ads we’ve seen this year or last, evoking a level of emotion Samsung’s marketing team can only dream of.

The ad acts as a kind of love letter to New York, showing off the briefest of glimpses of what the city is all about. We get views of busy streets, subway stops, parks, street performers and more. The accompanying piano is beautiful and, if you can stomach the constantly spinning scene, the ad is pretty stellar throughout, with a nice ambient audio level that gives it that extra touch.

In a behind the scene look at the ad, director Paul Trillo explains that he used 50 Lumia 1020s to create the spinning “bullet effect”—essentially GIF images in the style made famous by The Matrix. a pretty complicated custom filming rig was built in the shape of a rainbow, and controlled wirelessly using a Surface. Nokia pulled off a similar effect last year, but this one is much more mesmerizing, simultaneously showing off the beauty of a city and the capabilities of Nokia’s camera technology.

Trillo said that they had about 30,000 photographs when filming wrapped up, resulting in the Living Moments ad you see above. It’s pretty phenomenal, not just from a technology standpoint, but a filmmaking perspective, too.

Brandon Russell

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