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Evolve Unveils Four New Characters to Join the Bug hunt

Turtle Rock Studio’s first-person shooter Evolve will see an entire hype period that lasts less than a year. First announced in February, 2K Games’ has confirmed that the game will be released on Oc. 21, making this one of the quickest turn-arounds for a AAA video game in recent memory.

Along with the the announcement, Turtle Rock also showed off four new hunters who will be joining the bug hunting missions.

Evolve (2)

Hyde, the flame-throwing mini-gunning assault soldier will act as both an offensive powerhouse and a tank.

Evolve (7)

Maggie the Trapper does exactly what her job description says, incapacitates her enemies with harpoon traps. She also comes with an alien bloodhound which can track down the beast to the furthest corners of the map.

Evolve (6)

Lazarus is a medic who can bring back his allies from the dead beyond merely healing them. Because of this skill, he is the most frequently targeted character of the bunch, a fact he counters with a  cloaking device and silenced sniper rifle to take out the beast from a safe distance.

Evolve (12)

The last hunter brings up the mechanical side of the equation. Bucket is a robot support unit who can remove his head and search the area like a drone, and in battle, he whips out laser-guided missile launchers and sentry guns which fly from his stomach.

Combined with the previous hunters, you can make plenty of combinations to take into battle and test your luck against the ever evolving ferocious beast. So far, Lazarus and Bucket are my choices the coolest of the bunch, but I won’t make that call until I get my hands on all of them. Evolve will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 21.

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