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Azure Striker Gunvolt Gets Some New Screenshots and New Faces

by Ron Duwell | May 23, 2014May 23, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Inti Creates’ exciting Nintendo 3DS action game, Azure Striker Gunvolt, has just received a huge helping of friendly faces who appear to be aiding the electric protagonist in his assassination mission. Do friendly people ever aid in assassinations, I wonder?

At least, the three new faces appear to be allies because they are far too friendly looking to be anime villains. While we don’t yet know their names, we have an idea of where they are from an what role they play on the team at least. The young dude with the spiky red hair appears to be Gunvolt’s Italian partner, “Sheep 2,” which is the only title he is given.

The older guy with the glasses and a sniper rifle, referred to as “Leader,” is an American. I am willing to bet you can guess what his role is. Finally, the young woman in the suit will fill the most stereotypical role in all of video games, the female “Operator” which acts behind the scenes. She is of German origin and far too adorable to be anything but a good guy.

Aside from these three characters, we also get a look at an angelic robot labeled as the “electric morphing heroine,” and another dude with spiky hair, this time purple, who comes with no labels or descriptions. Unlike the others, he is obviously going to be a villain.

It might take a while to get a full English account of who these newcomers are, but Inti Creates does not have that much time left. Azure Striker Gunvolt will be released worldwide this August on the Nintendo 3DS. I was immediately turned on to the game after playing at BitSummit 2014 in Kyoto, but many in America have not yet had the chance to go hands one yet. Consider it a treat once you finally do.

Hopefully there will be enough time to get more potential English speaking fans aboard.

Ron Duwell

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