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Amplitude Pulls Off a Miracle and Beats Kickstarter With Less than a Day Remaining

Harmonix looked like it was down and out. What looked like a really disappointing Kickstarter loss for its HD Amplitude reboot turned in a miracle final 48 hours by pulling in nearly a half a million dollars. With 21 hours to spare, it crossed the finish line and secured the requested $775,000, confirming a release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

I’m sure there was a huge sigh of relief in the halls of Harmonix.

Call it Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price’s donation of $7,500 to help raise awareness and to get his rocking 20th anniversary song included in the game, or call it the final push most Kickstarter campaigns get, but most had considered this a campaign that was dead in the water.

Loved the 90’s. You kids just don’t know.

The Harmonix team members themselves even seemed just as surprised it the the update.

“You did it. We honestly can’t believe it – we get to make another Amplitude and play it with you guys. It’s incredible,” the update reads.

“But it was just 2 days ago that folks were writing articles about how this Kickstarter had no chance of hitting our targets, and you guys proved them wrong.”

The distance between the campaign’s set goal and the first stretch goal of $1,125,000 is quite large for the remaining time, but Harmonix wants to keep riding this wave of optimism and push to achieve it. The stretch goal will secure online head-to-head multiplayer, which wold be an amazing addition to the classic Amplitude formula.

So again, congratulations to Harmonix for proving everyone wrong and that miracles exist. I’m just as shocked as everyone else who was following this campaign, but I’m happy to see it succeed. Harmonix has the delivery date set for May 2015, but as with most Kickstarter campaigns, be sure to keep expectations on that in check.

Amplitude will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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