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Wasteland 2 Finally Set For Full Release This August

Wasteland 2 (5)

Another of the major early Kickstarter releases finally has a solid launch window. Two years after pulling in nearly $3 million through crowd-funding and nearly an entire year after its original intended release, InExile Entertainment will finally be releasing Wasteland 2 this August.

Game Designer Brian Fargo has been hammering away at the game since the beta test first commenced. He’s been taking feedback seriously and is pleased with how the game is shaping up with the release looming closer and closer.

“It’s exciting to be in the home stretch on a game I’ve been wanting to get to for the last two decades,” he says in a press release. “The feedback from our backers on the early beta has been great and I’m proud of the way Wasteland 2 is shaping up.”

“The scope of the game is immense with a word count that is greater than The Lord of the Rings novels and a solid 50 hour+ game experience that has diversity from beginning to end. My goal has been to over deliver on our backer’s expectations for Wasteland 2.”

Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the classic RPG Wasteland which released for PCs way back in 1988. Its $2,933,252 campaign makes it the seventh most successful video game to secure financing through Kickstarter, and InExle secured it further funding through Steam Early Access where the game currently is available for $59.99.

With Wasteland 2‘s development finally winding down, InExile can seriously hit the grindstone on its next game, the absolute biggest video game Kickstarter project, Torment: Tides of Numenera, which clocked in at $4,188,927. No rest for the weary, I suppose. At least I backed that one, so I have another game to very patiently wait for.

Wasteland 2 will be released for the PC, Mac and Linux this August.


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