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Samsung’s Project Glued to Take on Netflix

by Jacob Kleinman | May 21, 2014May 21, 2014 10:00 pm PST


Say what you will about Samsung and its copycat tendencies, but the company clearly knows a good business model when it sees one. On that note, the South Korean tech titan announced on Monday that it will launch Project Glued, a video streaming service in Asia along the lines of Netflix and Hulu.

Project Glued will initially launch in Singapore and the Philippines, where it will be available on Samsung devices starting in Q3 2014 along with versions of the service for desktop browsers and Samsung TV sets. The service will apparently introduce a new take on the video streaming business model, letting you watch the first few episodes of a TV series for free before charging roughly $6.50 to rent an entire season for 30 days. Samsung will reportedly focus on streaming popular shows from the U.S. and England.

Samsung has a unique opportunity to swoop in and offer a Netflix and Hulu competitor in Asia, where other popular video streaming services still aren’t officially available. We’re interested to see exactly how Project Glued turns out, though we don’t expect to see the upcoming service launch here in the U.S. anytime soon.

Jacob Kleinman

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