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New Fitbit Concept P Wearable Revealed

by Brandon Russell | May 21, 2014May 21, 2014 12:00 pm PST


According to a leaked product slide, Fitbit is set to release a new Force refresh sometime “later this year,” though it isn’t clear exactly when. The wearable will seemingly carry on Fitbit’s exhaustive portfolio of activity and sleep trackers, with the ability to track steps, distance, sleep and more. Basically stuff you’d expect from a Fitbit product, but presumably more advanced in a way that hasn’t yet been unveiled.

The slide for the Fitbit Concept P has a list of typical features we’re familiar with, some of which were listed above. The device will allegedly sync wirelessly with over 44 devices including the iPhone and Android devices, and also sync with a wide range of computers, too. In addition, it’ll feature a “motivating” mobile app, and an online dashboard that lets users track their progress. Fitbit has always offered a pretty excellent app experience, and that’ll unsurprisingly be a prominent part of the company’s upcoming device.

Fitbit has faced plenty of negative attention over the past several months because of its Force tracker, which many users reported were causing rash breakouts. The issue actually got so bad that Fitbit was forced to recall the Force. Checking the company’s site as of this writing, the Force is still unavailable during Fitbit’s voluntary recall. It’s unlikely the wearable will ever return given the negative stigma, with Fitbit instead opting for the unannounced concept.

When the wearable does come out, it’ll apparently feature a new hypoallergenic band, and will be even more waterproof than ever before.

Fitbit concept P


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