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Google+ Stories Automatically and Easily Creates Beautiful Photo Albums

by Brandon Russell | May 21, 2014May 21, 2014 2:00 am PST

Google on Tuesday detailed a new Google+ feature that might actually attract one or two users to the platform. Ever been on vacation and snapped a bunch of pictures? Instead of just sharing them with your circles, Google+ has a new Stories feature that will turn your photos into, well, a story. There’s a great example shared on the Official Google Blog, showing how photos taken on vacation, or any event really, can be presented in a kind of magazine-style layout.

Google says its new feature is designed to ensure your photos and videos no longer collect “virtual dust,” and it’s an apt description. Basically zero effort is required by the user; simply upload your photos through the Web or with an Android app (iOS coming soon) and Stories will curate everything into a fluid photo album. It looks beautiful, and is much more dynamic compared to what we’re used to seeing on something like Facebook, which displays pictures in a grid.

Data, such as geo-tags, landmark detection, history and more, is taken from each photo and then displayed in the Stories layout. Google’s new feature can even select your best photos and videos so you’re not sharing blurry shots or duplications; it’ll also display the places you went, including restaurants, hotels and more, giving viewers a comprehensive rewind of your entire trip.

Google+ isn’t the go-to social networking destination on the Internet, but it has always offered some cool photo features. And with Auto Awesome, Google is making sure all your pictures and videos look as good as possible. Stories might not be a feature many people will care about, but it promises to make sharing multiple photos with friends and family easy (and fun).

In addition to Stories, Google said Google+ Movies, a feature that allows users to create a highlight reel of videos and photos set to music, will be available on Android, iOS and the Web starting immediately. Stories, meanwhile, is already online, according to Google, so you can start using it today.


Brandon Russell

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