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Oculus Rift Lets You Play Classic Game Boy Games in Another World

by Ron Duwell | May 20, 2014May 20, 2014 1:00 am PST

Normally, we are against video game emulation in any way, shape, or form. Pay for your video games, people!

On that note, here is a Game Boy emulator we don’t mind you trying out simply for the sake of experiencing the emulator rather than the normal reasoning of stealing games. Thanks to the awesome powers of the Oculus Rift, you now have the ability to be whisked away to another worldly monochrome room and do what else besides play classic monochrome Game Boy games.

Granted, it is a little jarring to see the ghastly machine rendered in mid air and perfectly playing games without moving buttons or even any hands attached to it. Perhaps it will only take a matter of time before you can train your brain into accepting the imaginary device in front of your face. Otherwise, it looks like a one-stop ticket to motion-sickness land and an awkward sprint to the toilet.

YouTube user Shane O’Brien has uploaded footage from the emulator in which he plays flawless recreations of Tetris and Pokemon. The emulator is still a work in progress and has a few issues with audio-sync, lack of connector support, and lack of Game Boy Color games as well, but besides that, this is as close to the real thing you’re ever going to get.

With that in mind, you really have to ask yourself one question. What is the point? Why not just play a classic Game Boy game in front of your face if it looks the exact same as if you are playing it in the Oculus Rift.

I’ll tell you why. Because it’s cool! O’Brien is not the creator of the Game Boy or Tetris and Pokemon, but the emulator is his to show off to the world. I’ll give this a pass on the emulation front simply because it’s too interesting to pass up the chance. Just be sure that you already own the game you are trying for the sake of common courtesy on Nintendo’s part.

Now all we need is Virtual Boy support and we’ll have come full circle on Nintendo handheld platforms.

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