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Here’s Even More Evidence the iPhone 6 Will Include NFC

by Jacob Kleinman | May 20, 2014May 20, 2014 12:30 pm PST

iphone nfc

Earlier this month a report surfaced claiming Apple would finally include NFC in the upcoming iPhone 6 as a way to support mobile payments. Now the analysts at Morgan Stanley are throwing their weight behind this rumor in a new investors note citing recent Apple patent filings as well as a possible licensing deal with semiconductor manufacturer NXP.

NFC has become standard on most Android smartphones for a while now, but Morgan Stanley notes that the technology could really take off once it gets an endorsement from Apple. NXP, which already supplies the M7 motion processor found in the iPhone 5s, could be a prime candidate for an NFC deal. The Netherlands-based company also recently increased its research and development spending, according to Morgan Stanley, suggesting a new contract could already be in effect.

Despite the recent slew of rumors, we’re hesitant to believe Apple will adopt NFC for the iPhone 6. For years the Cupertino company has resisted the technology, instead opting to develop its own location-based services based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With the introduction of AirDrop and iBeacon the company is paving the way for its own mobile payments system, though whether it can pull this off without throwing in NFC still remains to be seen.


Jacob Kleinman

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