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Shocker: Apple-Samsung Patent Settlement Talks Not Going Very Well

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Yesterday we learned Apple and Samsung were meeting to discuss a possible end to seemingly endless patent disputes, but it looks like early talks between the two rival companies aren’t going very well. A court filing obtained by The Verge reveals just how poorly early meetings between Apple and Samsung are going, with both companies trading insults instead of moving towards a final settlement.

Samsung’s lead attorney John Quinn reportedly called Apple’s quest to take down Samsung “jihadist” before referring to the ongoing trials as “Apple’s Vietnam.” In response, the Cupertino company has accused Samsung of using earlier talks to “clone Apple products.” Meanwhile, Samsung’s lawyers claim Apple refused to negotiate fairly after winning for a second time in court. The South Korean company adds that Apple will purposefully “impose an obstacle” to delay any agreement.

Apple recently agreed to throw out its ongoing patent lawsuit against Motorola, suggesting the company could be moving on from the “thermonuclear” war against Android initiated by Steve Jobs. But the company’s rivalry with Samsung may be too entrenched to simply pave over and move on. If this really is “Apple’s Vietnam” it’s unlikely to end well for the iPhone-maker, especially if the company can’t recognize when there’s nothing left to be won by repeatedly dragging its biggest competitor into court

The Verge

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