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Google Loves Instagram, Too


It looks like Google might love Instagram as much as we do. The company recently opened an account on the Facebook-owned social network and posted a quick video pointing to its homepage where it’s celebrating the Rubik’s Cube.

Typically, Google has interacted with its fans on its own social network, Google+, though Instagram offers a more photo-focused approach to socializing with fans. Google+ has about 300 million monthly active users, compared to the 200 million on Instagram, though most pundits still largely see Google+ as a ghost town compared to other social networks and doubt the usage figures.

The company hasn’t revealed why it decided to open an Instagram account, and we admit it looks a little fishy amid reports that Google may be working to shut down parts of Google+ altogether. While Google+ offers an entire section dedicated to photos, it does not have any sort of Instagram/Vine format for sharing – something the company may want to consider doing in the future as the popularity of those sort of social networks increases.

We’re curious what sort of posts will follow on Google’s Instagram account. Typically we see a combination of text and photo announcements on Google+ from the company, but Google will be much more limited on Instagram. Will it use the service to show off new products and tease coming announcements? Or will it instead use it only to tease smaller things, like Google Doodles? You can follow Google on Instagram now to find out.

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